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No matter how much you smoke, just say you love me, three good reasons, and I'll throw you the don't need it.

So once upon a time I was the little girl in the photograph. Now I am still a girl, and still little, so what's new? Basically I write Blood Sweat and Strippers (on hiatus) and reblog fandom/music/feminist things. SAW THE LIBERTINES IN HYDE PARK 2014.

People say I'm ignorant... I don't even know the meaning of the word -Freddie Threepwood

The stretch marks on my bum look like sand dunes.


when i was in kindergarten i had this babysitter who cooked the best steak i’d ever had and i’d always ask what it was and she said “people” every time and i’d laugh and ask what it really was and she’d just reply “people” and i found out in first grade that she got arrested and was sentenced to 50 years-life in prison

and that’s the story about how my babysitter was basically hannibal lecter and i was will graham for a whole year

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Least-heeded advice ever



*promptly tells cannibal whole life story, flirts through FBI cat and mouse, begins sordid love affair, and runs off to argentina with said cannibal*


i was outside eating a cookie and a saw about 5 ants just roaming around on top of the steps and i noticed there was only one ant that wasn’t holding anything like the other 4 where holding dorito bits or something and the  ant seemed sad it wasn’t even going in the same pace as the other ants so i put a cookie crumb next to him and he picked it up and started running as fast as the other ants and i think i made that little ants day 

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So here is the ranting post about LFCC and Sherlock, so be prepared for just sadness and me being just like blah

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