The miscreant behind the blog

So once upon a time I was the little girl in the photograph. Now I am still a girl, and still little, so what's new? Basically I write Blood Sweat and Strippers (on hiatus) and reblog fandom/music/feminist things. SAW THE LIBERTINES IN HYDE PARK 2014.

People say I'm ignorant... I don't even know the meaning of the word -Freddie Threepwood

Let’s play a game!


Stand where you are, look around, and list whatever liquidy thing is closest to you. This is now your fanfic lube.

Curry sauce what

the-wigglytuff is the bestest and the only thing Cambridge has ever been good for is finding me friends like her and cats-and-cuppas


none homo with left bisexual hand


I thought i was done with this five years ago I thought I was ok again

Whatever I do thoughit means letting someone down. If I purge it means I let down my mum and she worries about me even more and if I eat I let myself down because I only have myself to blame for these huge fucking thighs


calling cops pigs is really offensive. pigs are kind, gentle, intelligent creatures. don’t compare them to cops

Literally just want to be thin and my mum keeps saying no you have nice healthy flesh on your bones anD HEALTHY MEANS FUCKING FAT IN MY HEAD STOP SAYING HEALTHY I’M NOT LISTENING I was doing so well today and now I’m not and I’m going to cry myself to sleep again I can tell because I always do after I binge in the evening likes eriously why the fuck has this happened again I just want to be thin who needs punctuation anyway